Can I Use The Kinect As A Webcam?

After the release of kinect for windows SDK, the Microsoft provides permission to the kinect users for accessing its devices. There are different types of devices available that can help you in getting complete details about all these things. You can see a camera there. By accessing it, you can easily use kinect as webcam.

On the basis of such factors, the interested ones can get lots of details about the crucial elements. Generally, these elements are becoming useful in several ways.

Everyone wants to get introduced with the process by which they can easily get that how to access its services as the webcam. In case you are facing similar kind of doubt then you should be focused on upcoming process.

Download kinect file

For accessing the services of kinect devices, the interested ones need to get some specific files first. You can get such kind of files by visiting the official website of Microsoft and search for kinect SDK there.

kinect as a webcam

Install files

If you want to use kinect on pc then you need to install such files first. With the installation, you are able to get lots of benefits.

Get suitable setup

Now the interested ones are required to visit the It can help you in getting information related to the different types of factors. Here, you can get setup for access kinectCam. The setup gets downloaded in the zip folder you should unzip it and access the files.

File setup

In case you want to connect kinect to pc then you need to drag the files to the C drive. It provides assistance in several ways. It helps you in accessing such software without any kind of issue.

connect kinect to pc

Access file

Now the users need to access command prompt from the start panel. It will result with lots of factors. You need to provide permission as the administrator.

Give commands

After that the users should type “cd “C:\”” in window of command prompt and press Enter button. Now you should type “c:\windows\system32\regsvr32.exe” and press enter again.

Connect devices

Now you are able to connect the kinect sensors with PC by using the USB ports. Here, you can use kinect camera as webcam on pc without any kind of issue.

If you are interested in getting more details about process then you should be focused on the experts. The experts can help you in sorting various barriers with ease.